Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q: What is WhyTry?

A: The WhyTry Program combines a series of ten visual analogies with multimedia and physical activities to teach students social and emotional skills. The program helps youth of every learning type deal with life's daily pressures.



2. Q: Who uses WhyTry?

A: WhyTry is used primarily by teachers, counselors, psychologists, social workers, and youth mentors, but anyone who works with youth can successfully implement the program.



3. Q: How long does it take to teach WhyTry?

A: Part of being proficient in WhyTry is knowing how to take advantage of WhyTry's "flexible lesson plan," which allows facilitators to teach a single WhyTry principle in five minutes or the entire program over a school year. Ultimately, the length of time you spend teaching the program is up to you.



4. Q: Do I have to teach the visual analogies in any particular order?

A: While it is beneficial to draw connections between the visual analogies as you teach them, there is no specific order in which each one must be presented. Each analogy teaches a separate life principle, and can therefore stand alone or be used in a series. Students can enter the program at any time and easilly follow along.



5. Q: Is there a level of education needed to teach WhyTry?

A: There is no formal educational requirement for facilitating the WhyTry Program, although facilitators should plan on attending a WhyTry Level 1 Training before they begin implementation.



6. Q: How do I get started?

A: The best way to begin implementation of WhyTry is to purchase a curriculum set (see difference between online and physical in question 10), then attend a WhyTry Level 1 Training in your area.



7. Q: Who needs to attend a training?

A: Everyone who will be teaching the WhyTry Program needs to be trained. It is also beneficial for all staff in an organization or school to attend a training, whether they are teaching the program or not.  This creates a consistent language and a familiarity with the methods, making it easier to create a school-wide culture. 



8. Q: What students benefit from WhyTry?

A: While WhyTry was originally developed for the lowest performing students, research has shown that every K-12 student can benefit from the principles taught in the WhyTry Program.



9. Q: What setting does WhyTry work in?

A: WhyTry can be implemented school-wide or as a one-on-one intervention. It has also been effectively used in correctional organizations, mental health facilities, and after-school programs. 



10. Q: What is the difference between the online and physical curriculum? 

A: The WhyTry Online Curriculum includes digital versions of the full secondary and elementary teacher's manuals, all of WhyTry's learning activities, video tutorials, music downloads, journal printouts, and access to WhyTry's social media community. The WhyTry Curriculum Complete Set (or physical curriculum) includes the WhyTry teacher's manual, visual analogies, a music CD, a poster set, a PowerPoint DVD, and a student journal.


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