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WhyTry Staff Developments

WhyTry staff developments help everyone in your school learn the essential language and tools needed to foster a resilient school climate. These inspiring and engaging workshops deliver proven strategies that anyone can apply to improve relationships with youth, enhance relevance in the classroom, and boost resilience school-wide.

These half or full-day events are a great way to reduce mid-year staff burnout. You’ll see an increase in motivation and excitement from both your students and your staff.

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"[This workshop] opened my heart to care no matter where a student comes from or how many times they have failed." -Carla Jacobs, SPED Teacher, Arizona

"This was the single most inspiring workshop I've ever been to. I connected to the message and content very deeply - both personally and professionally. Thank you for [incorporating] many of the things I believe in and more!" -Susan Arnink, Counselor, New Mexico

"I am changed now!" -Steven Gradney, Special Education Teacher, Georgia

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