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WhyTry can be implemented as a school-wide curriculum and used as a consistent language for discipline, expectations, and incentives. Depending upon other items covered in the classrooms, lessons can be interspersed as per the grade levels targeted. If a school cannot do all 10 lessons in a year or per grade level, space them out or choose only some of the lessons based on a needs assessment of the building. Staffs across disciplines indicate these lessons as critical: Reality Ride, Defense Mechanisms, Labels, Climbing Out, and the Motivation Formula. The curriculum provides a variety activities and recommended multimedia, so the lessons can be taught at different grade levels and revisited year after year. 


  • Utilize the WhyTry Program in an Advisory Model.
  • Create a WhyTry course, or embed the program into a subject area curriculum that all students receive.
  • School-wide assemblies can be delivered around the lesson concepts.
  • The visual analogy posters can be displayed alongside a poster of school rules, connecting the two.
  • Train classroom teachers in "Surrendering the One-up" strategies.
  • Integrate WhyTry with an existing reward/recognition program, giving students additional incentives for positive behavior that align with WhyTry lesson goals, such as Defense Mechanisms, Climbing Out, Labels, or Desire, Time, and Effort.
  • Have students create a culminating project. This project could focus on goals, passions, or a favorite lesson.
  • Have student peers/peer mentors teach the lessons. 
  • Encourage all staff to consciously model the expectations taught by WhyTry. This will reinforce the lessons and create a positive school environment. 

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